Scott Wright Imagery
Essex based photographer

I am an Essex based photographer who, when not shooting portraits, can be found wandering the streets of London capturing unique architectural photographs that can be turned into unique pieces of wall art ideal for your home or even work space

Architecture: My photography offers a unique look to architecture using symmetry coupled with black and white to add impact to my work

Portraiture: Whether I am in the studio or working in natural light I enjoy the process of working with models to get the best possible results

Street photography: When I first found photography it was via Street Photography it was accessible and simple to do, all I needed was my camera and a comfy pair of shoes, endless miles of walking 

Published work: Capturing 2020 - This project started out as just a few images on my '1 hour walks' trying to stay a little creative and for something to take my mind off of the global pandemic! It quickly turned in to a blog, something that had never interested me doing previously. After reaching out to Chelmsford County Council they invited me to offer some tricks and tips to help the participants of their 2020 Photography competition. It gave me a much needed confidence boost and some much welcome exposure. You can read the article here.

I was lucky enough to be invited to Huck magazine and Vans street photography workshop series called 'Vision Walk'

Vision walks bring together some of the best photographers in the industry to share their tips and wisdom through a day of talks, shooting and editing. In our case, we sought out twenty of the most exciting, new and emerging voices in street photography to pick the duo’s brains, and show us what they learned'

To be invited to the workshop was an extremely exciting challenge, pushing my creativity on the day whilst networking with some inspiring and award winning creatives!

Social Media: I can be found on Instagram and Facebook

For more information on my work regarding prints, private functions, family portraits or individual portraiture get in touch

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